Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.

Dalai Lama

Oncology patients struggle, not only with the disease and discomforting side effects of the treatment, but also with serious financial problems. When lack of money for examination or treatment determines your health and life you will find yourself extremely stressed and helpless. Such situations create fear, kill hope and fighting spirit - so needed in the fight with cancer!

To remedy that the Piggy Bank programme was created!

The Piggy Bank programme provides financial support for cancer patients. With the generous help of many Donors, Alivia helps the beneficiaries to crowdfund for medical treatment and provides substantial support for their recovery.

In light of the determination, courage and hope of the patients the money gains new value. Even small amounts collected from a large number of people may be sufficient to help save life and health.

How does the Programme work?

Piggy Bank Programme, which is led by Alivia Foundation UK is an activity dedicated for cancer patients seeking for financial assistance.

Each Beneficiary of the programme is given a dedicated subpage on the main website, which can be used by donors to send money (credit card, pay-by--link, wire transfer, PayPal, etc.). Donations are received by Foundation, and then - on request - distributed to Beneficiaries. The Piggy Bank Programme is a non-cash only, internet-based service.

What will you gain by joining the Piggy Bank Programme?

  • Opportunity to legally raise funds for treatment.
  • Professional and efficient service (we send funds within max. ten (10) days from notification of expenses).
  • Access to the self-service portal, which allow beneficiaries to create and edit their webpage, check the history of donations, file expenses, post news on subpage, etc.
  • A guide on how to write your story on the webpage.
  • A guide how to effectively raise money for your treatment.
  • A fundraising leaflet in the PDF format, ready for printing.
  • Promotion of your webpage in Google search engine and on Facebook.

As a donor you will get:

  • Guarantee that your donations will be used in line with their intended use – only on expenses related to the cancer treatment.
  • Opportunity to receive information each time your donation is used by a beneficiary.
  • Opportunity to receive regular information about the most important activities of the Alivia Foundation in the form of an e-mail (if you give us your consent).

Support for cancer patients is subject for terms & conditions of the Piggy Bank Programme. Participation in the Programme means your approval of these regulations.

Terms And Conditions