Jacek Jedrzejewski

Jacek Jedrzejewski, Warszawa
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Help me beat prostate cancer!

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Hello, my name is Jacek. Recently I found out I have prostate cancer. I am trying to collect the money to pay for a surgery which can save my life. The surgery would take place in Germany and it costs about 18.000 Euro. During this surgery the cancer would be removed completely.

After surgery in Germany I would recover very fast and probably would be able to go back to work after only 3 weeks. The method used in Germany is far more precise and it gives a much higher chance of completely getting rid of cancer. There are far less complications and side effects after surgery. The clinic in Germany specializes in prostate cancer, it also accepts patients from Belgium and Holland. However, they have the treatment refunded, while Polish patients do not.

I love running - I have been passionate about it for many years and I’ve managed to complete 2 marathons. I work in an office. I have 2 sons, 14 and 5 years old. I really hope my younger son will be able to spend some more time with me.

When I went to have a biopsy I was certain I am fine and that it is only a formality. When I received the results they seemed unreal, like some kind of a bad dream. However, I had to pull myself together very quickly and find out as much as I could about my cancer and the possible ways of treatment. My choice is surgery as I believe it gives me the highest chance of recovery. The only option I’m taking into account is full recovery and I truly believe I will be successful in beating the cancer. I sincerely appreciate your help and contribution to my treatment. Thank you for all your donations.  

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