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Lidia Purska, Warszawa
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Each day more is a small victory!

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Help me fight pancreas cancer!

In May 2017 I was diagnosed with pancreas malignant neoplasm. My doctor informed me it was paramount to operate immediately. During the operation it turned out that my tumor was non-operable. The only possible treatment was chemotherapy and irradiation. I decided to fight. I had such hope! After a few months of severe therapy the doctor suggested a tomography. The result was terrifying - it showed that the chemotherapy had not been effective and the tumor was constantly growing! 

It felt as if my entire world had collapsed. I could feel my life, my spirit slipping away. I always had faith in my doctors, I fully agreed to the therapy proposed by them, hoping to beat the cancer inside me. When it turned out that the treatment had not been effective, I thought there was no other way to rescue me!

The one thing which helped me pull through was focusing on my family and friends! I had to dig deep and find new motivation to fight my disease. I am a mother, a grandmother, and a wife, more than anything I want to be with my loved ones!

My close relatives have been supporting me since the very beginning. My little grandson brings me joy and happiness, cheerfulness and the will to live, just one more day at a time, I love him with all my heart. He is the main reason for me to fight this disease. I would like to see Alex’s next stage in life, witness him growing up, listen to his first words. This is what gives me strenght, and urges me to go on.

Recently I had a surgical procedure called NanoKnife. It was very expensive and cost me close to 55 000 PLN - nearly 13 000 euro. We spent all our savings. But luckily the surgery was partly successful.

To make it a full success I will need more procedures. I am currently being treated with refunded chemotherapy again, but the costs of transport, additional medicine, tests and consultings are still a burden.This next stage of my fight also involves expenses, which are beyond us as a family.
That’s why I am reaching out and asking you to support me on my quest to life.

When one’s life is at threat, each day more is a small victory. Step by step in Alex’s little world...

Thank you.

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