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Małgorzata Jacaszek-Piekarska, Skierniewice
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In January i found out that i have breast cancer. That was shock. So far I have been independent person, mom; working as a journalist and tour leader; with the diagnosis I had to start fighting for my life. From the beginning I knew it’s going to be a long process. For Her positive cancer oncologist recommend me to go through chemotherapy- Herceptin; radiotherapy; and hormon therapy. After first chemotherapy I had a lot of complications. After 4 chemo I should to have Herceptin with Perjeta but I am not qualified to be treated by the medicine Perjeta, refunded by NFZ ; National Foundation of Health in Poland; that supposed to save my life;  Herceptin and Perjeta I supposed to be receiving for a year. I was told I need to have funds to pay for my treatment by Perjeta.  I will also need funds for expensive research, for example PET, which costs 1 407 euro, also for other tests and visits to specialists.

Thanks to you I could be treated; be a mom; and come back to work that is my passion as well. I know that cancer can touch anybody. Please; help me overcome this. I will be thankful for all donations; and all your help.

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