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Can you imagine telling an 8 year old boy that his granny is going to die if she doesn’t receive her medication? Medication that is so prohibitively expensive you would have no realistic chance of affording it? This boy may even suggest “Why can’t granny just go to the hospital, they have everything there, right?’

This boy has sadly highlighted the true nature of the NFZ (Polish National Health Fund), a brilliant idea in its initial conception but unfortunately one that over the years has been reduced to finding the cheapest legal way to discharge patients, even if it means sending them home to their death.

In short, his grandmother has a real chance of survival but the NFZ won’t pay for it.

He said: "Mum, I don't want any pocket money, I don't want to go for holidays, please use this for her instead". How am I supposed to tell him that no matter how much money he thought he’d contribute this would not even put a dent in what is needed..? "Son, even if all the family gave their pocket money we wouldn’t even be close”. 

It's beyond comprehension for him but we allow him to think he’s making a difference because it's something. 

Always happy, always full of energy, hungry for life, admiring the world and, with happiness adequate for a kid, exploring the mysteries of life. That is how she is, just because. Maybe that’s why she became a teacher. The kind of teacher who is a teacher with a vocation, who loves kids and her job. The kind of teacher who is greeted by former pupils on the streets after years... In addition, she fights every day, every minute. Since the diagnosis she has never given up. Help her to continue her fight. 

Gosia's story: 

Hi! My name is Gosia! 

I love life, nature and people, especially children. This is why I became a teacher. When on December 2011 I was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer (stage 3) I had the strenght to fight against it. I trully believed I could win this battle. 

I got through masectomy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy... For 5 years I lived fully, had perfect test results for cancer. I went back to work and just when I was about to start believing I had beat cancer, that my cancer nightmare had finished, I found out it had come back. 

In 2016 my cancer made a great return. Again I endured chemotherapy, then hormonal therapy. I won again, but I wasn't victorious for long. In November 2017 I found out the cancer is not only in the breast, but it had also spread to the lungs and liver. 

Unfortunately, this time chemotherapy and hormonal therapy didn't work. I had to give up my beloved job. However, I am still doing my best to fight against this horrendous illness, with great support of my family, friends and people who know me. 

Sadly, this time I have to ask for help, because my only chance to win against cancer is a drug called Palbociclib, a new medicine available in Europe, which targets HER positive breast cancer. In Poland this drug is not funded by the NFZ and is still unrecognized despite widespread success in other European countries. It is a type of innovative treatment used to treat metastatic breast cancer. It is available in National Health services across Europe, but unfortunately not in Poland. The total monthly cost of this drug is around 10000 polish zloty (which is just above 2000 pounds), which I need to have for at least 2 years. This is a cost that is simply outside my financial abilities.

Thanks to your help I was able to buy treatment for a few months. I feel better, and what is more important, Palbocilib is working. I was able to return to work. I started believing I can beat cancer once again with this medicine. Unfortunately I cannot stop taking it, because if I stop, cancer might return with double strength. 

This is why I am asking for your help to get funds for my treatment. 

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It has been a year since I started collecting money for my treatment with very expensive, non-reimbursed medicine. Thanks to help and assistance of many people I start the tretment and buy few doses of the drug. Ahead of me there is a new year of fight for every day of my life and further fundrasing efforts to be able to count cancertretment. That's why I ask all goodwillto donate for my treatment. Thank you very much and I wish all of you w Happy New Year!

Thank you for the first payment. I hope there will be more people supporting the fundraising for my treatment.


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I think your son is a fine man, and you must be a good teacher. Merry Christmas and keep fighting.

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3mam kciuki :*